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    21st March

    5 Common Funeral Flowers and Their Hidden Meanings

    Flowers and funerals seem to go hand in hand. Gorgeous arrays of blossoms and blooms not only provide a colourful source of comfort to grieving family members, but they also convey messages of love, respect and sympathy to everyone in attendance. Naturally, you may want to bring a beautiful bouquet of flowers to place at the gravesite, or you might wish to create a standing flower arrangement that serves as a temporary memorial for your loved one. Read More
    18th February

    5 Ways to Find Meaning After the Loss of a Loved One

    The pain of losing a loved one seems unimaginable until it happens to you personally. People may tell you that time heals all wounds and to stay busy. Well-meaning friends and acquaintances may even offer less-than-helpful advice from your point of view. Time doesn't necessarily heal all wounds. But as time passes, you'll feel able to perform normal routines and participate in social activities again. Be patient with yourself, and take the time you need to grieve. Read More
    6th January

    4 Ways to Memorialize Your Loved One Over the Holidays

    The holiday season is finally here, and for many, it is a time to relax and spend time with their loved ones. But for you, this season may feel like a painful reminder that one of your friends or family members won't be unwrapping presents or hanging lights. While everyone else in your neighbourhood celebrates, you can't help but feel a little lonely or depressed. Read More

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